Craig Braden
Director of Photography

Brooklyn, NYC



  Over the years as an Emmy nominated DOP/Cinematographer, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to experience situations that I would never have imagined possible. My work on films, national spots, high end corporate videos and documentaries has taken me to 6 continents, and over 50 countries; shooting on every format from 35mm Film to the Canon C300 Mark II. (Arri Alexa & Amira, RED, Varicams, Sony F55 to the FS7) 

From filming and lighting presidents, first ladies, dictators, and CEOS, to the ever "critical" hollywood & rock-n-roll elite, I’ve learned how to adapt quickly to many situations and personalities. I’ve also filmed some of the worlds top athletes; travelling and filming in their home countries, to being on the field shooting a World Series or a Super Bowl.  However, the love I have for filming human stories has not been limited to the famous. My work on documentaries has lead me into the gritty reality of of human trafficking and natural disasters, to people struggling with disease, drugs, and lack of education.  I’ve been held at gunpoint in Sao Paulo with people demanding my footage (they didn't get it) and also had to watch helplessly as a baby died of Aids, my camera continuing to roll. I believe there is no substitute for experience, and this combined with my ability to work with both client and crew to get the images we need, allows me to bring a unique talent to any production.  917.676.5577


Coca Cola Corporate Marketing

Journey To Shared Value” - Cannes Lions Presentation  Director Tom Gliserman,                                                                                                          for The Mountview Group

Gatorade & Jeter

For MLB Network & Gatorade;  Produced by Dave Check & Directed by Jeff Spaulding


Raymour & Flanigan Spots

Green Screen Delta Airline

Agency: The Creatives,  Director Tom Gliserman, Producer Will Severin

Documentary Trailer #1

“Not My Life” Trailer

  (Human Trafficking)  Directors: Robert Bilheimer & Richard Young

,                                                                               for Worldwide Documentaries/CNN Freedom Project

Documentary trailer #1.5

CNN's Freedom Project Version

Documentary Trailer #2

Haiti "Open Arms" Trailer: 

Director Robert May for SenArt Films

Corporate Storytelling #2

HISCOX Insurance/Tough Mudder Director Darryl Lepik


Paul McCartney: In Red Square

"The whole project was really great fun to do. But there was one fly in the ointment and it was this  guy Craig, Now I said I'll never use him again and I know the people on the whole team just didn't like him, "he's just not a likable guy" You know you get one of them and it just spoils the whole project that was him. Just kidding Craig who's behind the camera now, He's Really Lovely"

Robert Bilheimer Oscar Nominated Director

 "It’s been my pleasure— my honor, really— to have worked with Craig on Worldwide Documentaries’ films for the past 15 years. There are the obvious things we all know about Craig:  gifted, sensitive, observant, kind, strong and, as McCartney says, " really lovely” , just the sweetest person you would ever want to know.   And that’s quite a package right there for any filmmaker lucky enough to have Craig on a shoot. But for me, there is something else as well. Our work here at Worldwide is in the human rights arena, and I think Craig, as a human rights storyteller, is one of those rare people who feels what he sees, and sees what he feels, as only a true artist can. In the end, I think that will prove to be his valuable gift to the world in which we live. It certainly has been a gift to me. " 

Daniel Forer Director ESPN 30 for 30

 ESPN  30 for 30 "Mike and the Mad Dog"" The  beauty of Craig Braden is that there is never a need to worry. In three decades in the industry I have not worked with a more professional, creative or considerate DP. During our three months of shooting he and his team, often working long, stressful hours,  always maintained a positive attitude and enhanced the vision I had for every shot. I cannot wait to collaborate with him on my next film!  " 

Mark Shockley Owner & Executive Producer Evolution LA

20th Century Fox, Blue Sky Studios, IBM, IKEA, Estee Lauder , Sprint, UNICEF, BBDO, Jet Blue, etc.

"I’ve been working with Craig for 10 years and have never been disappointed. He’s always my first call  when working in NY. He’s an incredibly talented DP and the clients love him."

Steve McCarthey Producer & Director McCarthey Productions

 60 Minute,PBS,BBC, CBS & NBC News, Bloomberg TV, AT&T,Hartford Insurance,George Washington University,Etc.

"I've worked with Craig Braden for years and have found him to be an expert DOP as well as an easy person to work with.
Craig's strengths include a keen eye for detail and sense of creativity that he brings to every shot. He's always willing to go to great lengths to make sure a scene is covered and works tirelessly to make sure the client is happy with the end product. His gear is well maintained and up to date and he carefully prepares each shoot to make sure he has the right equipment.
We've spent time on the road and I've seen Craig tested by a demanding schedule, foul weather and demanding clients. I highly recommend Craig for any project."

Keenan Koss Producer NBC Sports

 Craig Braden is absolutely one of my favorite people to work with. Not only does he have one of the most creative minds in the business, but he continuously keeps an even and calm demeanor. I always have complete confidence walking into any shoot or event with Craig because I know that not only will we get an outstanding product, but everyone will also leave having had an amazing time. I always look forward to the next time I am able to work with Craig and his team. They are top notch.   

Equipment List

**Every production requires different types of gear. Not only can I supply and or recommend the best gear for any particular shoot, but I can provide crews that are professional, are at the top of their game, have a great attitude, and most of all are a pleasure to work with.**

Entertainment and Sports


Paul McCartney Three TV Specials including "Paul McCartney Red Square"

The Rolling Stones, Beyonce, Puff Daddy, Sting, Radiohead, Janet Jackson, John Legend,              Whitney Houston, Van Halen,               Aerosmith, David Bowie, Sting, Billy Joel, Notorious B.I.G, Genesis, Bon Jovi,                 Mary J. Blidge, Alicia Keys,                  Gwen Stefani, Sheryl Crow,            Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey,            Roger Waters, Harry Connick jr,        Vanessa Williams, One Direction,             Jimmy Page & Robert Plant,   



Isabella Rossellini, Robert De Niro, Jerry Seinfeld, Jenifer Lopez, Naomi Watts,           Bruce Willis, Denis Leary, Billy Crystal, Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, Tom Cruise,       Paul Newman, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Susan Sarandon, Ashley Judd, Helen Hunt, Penelope Cruz, Julianne Moore, Joseph Fiennes, Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds,  Marisa Tomei, John C. Reilly, Billy Murry, Michael J. Fox,     Sarah Jessica Parker, John Goodman,       James Gandolfini,             



Derek Jeter, Mario Rivero, Jason Kidd,            Brett Favre, Joe Torre, Anthony Rizzo, Dexter Fowler, Bernie Williams, Joe Girardi, Bob Costas, Greg Gumbel, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, Yasiel Puig, John McEnroe,Cal Ripken Jr 

ESPN 30 for 30 Mike and the Mad Dog

MLB Productions Spring Training

Mani Martinez, Pedro Martinez, Johnny Damon, John Smoltz, Brian McCann, Harold Reynolds, Danica Patrick, Jonathan Stewart, Jack Nicklaus, ......


Some Companies I've Shot For


Bank of America, Budweiser,Coca Cola, Conduent,

Crain's, Crews Control, 

Fast Company, Fidelity Investments,

General Electric,Gman Pictures, 

Handsome Spyder, Home Depot,

Hudson Bay, Jazz Pharmaceuticals,

JP Morgan Chase, Ketchum, Kodak,

Lord & Taylor, McKinsey & Co.,

Morgan Stanely, Mountainview Group, Newell,

Pepsi, Pfizer, Sax 5th Ave., Scout, 

Seamons Corp.,Spot Creative, Unilever, Verizon, Wells Fargo


Entertainment & Spots

Blue Sky Studios, Cake Mix Studios, Cafe Media, 

Check Point Media, E!, Evolution LA, 

Fast Company, Fatstache Media, Film 922, Gargyle Films, Hasbro, Hearst Digital, 

Jack Daniels, McCarthey Production, Mountainview Group, NBC Universal,

 Northern Lights Canada, 

Raymour & Flanigan, NY State PSA, 

Saturation Films, Spaulding & Assoc., Stellarhead, 21st Century Fox, 

Troma Entertainment, Working Pictures, Australian 60 Minutes

Sports & Documentaries

Atlantic Philanthropies,

 Big East Network, Big Ten Network, CSI Sports, 

ESPN & ESPN 30 for 30

Golf Channel, Image Resources, 

Media Squared (Yankees)

MLB Network & MLB.Com, 

MPL Communications (Paul McCartney)

NBC Sports,

NFL Films, NHL Enterprises, 

NY Jets, NY Yankees, 

Rogers Communications, WWE,

CNN & CNN International


SenArt Films

Thaler Pekar & Partners

Worldwide Documentaries

Call 917.676.5577

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Craig Braden Cinematographer/DOP

Brooklyn, New York

outside USA (001) 917-676-5577

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